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For different industries:

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Minería Terrestre
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The  band saw for industrial cutting  the metal rod and using the coolant in light blue sc

Alquim es ganadora del
Premio Nuevo León 2023
a la Competitividad

Por sus avances significativos, por su excelente implementación de procesos organizacionales y resultados competitivos.  Destacando principalmente por su enfoque en la innovación tecnológica y un servicio personalizado.

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It is dedicated to the development and manufacture of chemical products for the industry. 

We have more than 40 years of experience being world-class customer suppliers, always improving the products we offer. 

 Success has always been based on:

-Guarantee: The quality of the products and chemical specialties 

-Innovation: Research and development of new products

-Service: Technical support at the client's plant



Specialized technical support is offered through our highly trained personnel in the use of chemical products in each industry.

The support is offered at the client's plant, ensuring the proper use of the chemical product and guaranteeing the safety of the operator.  Products and their applications are monitored and best practice advice is given to increase the quality of the client's product and reduce chemical consumption.


Requirements Survey

We visit our clients in their plants to define exactly which product or chemical specialty meets exactly the requirements of their processes. 


Químicos Especialistas

Our Research and Development chemists visit clients and learn about their processes to define improvements in products and chemical specialties. 


Adiciones de Productos en las Plantas

We have technicians to provide support on the floor, supplying the solubles and their additives as well as other products, to guarantee their optimal state for production. 


Análisis de Laboratorio

Our laboratories carry out analyzes of the products found in our clients' lines to define the state of the product after a period of operation. 


Alquim's philosophy of always working under the highest quality standards has led us to become certified in the ISO 9001:2015 quality system.  And year after year we recertify ourselves to comply with the standards.


All our processes from Sales, Raw Materials Purchases, Production, Research and Development, Quality Control, Administration, and Logistics are carried out under the quality system procedures.


Therefore, all the finished products supplied by Alquim have a quality certificate that guarantees our clients and is based on the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.



ALQUIM desarrolla y fabrica productos químicos especializados de alta calidad para la industria por medio de la innovación tecnológica y del servicio personalizado, capaces de cumplir con las necesidades y expectativas del cliente y partes interesadas;

Para esto cuenta con equipo y recurso humano calificado y comprometido con el cumplimiento de las normativas aplicables, nuestro sistema de administración de calidad y el proceso de mejora contínua. 

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